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To my followers.

When I inevitably unfollow you over the next week, know that it is not because I’ve fallen out of love with you. It’s simply because I’m deconstructing 17threasonforfallingoutofthesky bit by bit, saving the things that matter. YOu’ll all be bookmarked and re-followed once my new blog gets underway, so here’s hoping I’ll see you on the other side. =)

A Weather warning has been issued in the Hell today as reports come in of frosted brimstone and icebergs forming in the boiling pools of blood in the third circle. The Met Office suggests that the freak freeze may be caused by the fact that I just got a job interview.

scarrylegged asked
1,2 & 10 <3

1. The meaning behind my URl: Id be lying if I said it always had a meaning, but now it’s the title of my autobiography/indie band/childrens book/flight instruction manual/art project/film script…take your pick, it’s probably going to be one of those one day.

2. A peekture of me:

I am not long awake and I am in pain, so please enjoy this delightfully well-lit photo of me smiling and being generally joyous and elated.

10: My turn-ons:  You’re well aware of them darling and you’re the only person who needs to know.


decided to try out emofuri…unexpectedly more fun then i thought it’d be

I like these, though I have no idea who she is or what they’re for, they made me smile so…eh.


My love for you is no great poem, nor any masterpiece or exceptional symphony…it is a child’s first painting in preschool, seen through the eye of their parents. It is simple, ridiculous and confusing, but it means the world and I’ll hold on to it until I die.

Currently doing speed portraits of friends and acquaintances.

I used to be really good at this stuff but I’ve been out of practice for over a year so it’s taking a while to adjust back. So yer, if anyone wants a crappy portrait done some time in the next couple of hours, submit a decent photo and help me practice. =) I’m setting about 30/45mins per pic.